About Fierce & Fabulous

Fierce & Fabulous formed as a response to our outrage and anger of queer and trans oppression, as well as the queer assimilationist mind frame that continues to plague our city and other cities around us. We recognize the need for queer anarchist struggle everywhere. We are dedicated to fighting against queer bashers, gender binaries, societal norms and all forms of state oppression. We seek to free the minds and crotches of these chains and bondage, and if chains and bondage gear are yer thing we want to help free you from the chains and bondage that keep you from it

If you would like to contact us please send us an e-mail at: fierce.n.fabulous1969@gmail.com

The Fierce & Fabulous Krew!

{fucking anarchy up the ass!}


One Response to “About Fierce & Fabulous”

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to contact the Fierce and Fabulous Krew but I can not find an email address or telephone number on this site, can you help me please ?


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