MAS Uprising Tale of a Queer Prison Group


Friday September 14th


Men Against Sexism (MAS) was made up of almost entirely queer and trans prisoners. In the 70’s, they successfully changed a whole culture within Walla Walla prison where rape and ownership over queer/trans prisoners went from being a power and status symbol to a reason to fear for your life.

Their work had a ripple effect to all the other prisons in the U.S. Northwest and 10 years later, according to MAS member Ed Mead, there were no more instances of rape within Walla Walla.

This workshop will include a telling of the story of Men Against Sexism from their perspective and look at some of the ways they were able to challenge cultural norms which targeted Queer and Trans prisoners. Followed by a discussion of the methods and tactics they used to keep themselves safe, and how those concepts of self defense could be applied to our modern day struggles as Queer/Trans Communities.

*Trigger Warning: talks about prison rape, queer bashing, sex slavery & child abuse*

Presented by Fierce & Fabulous Krew

Tags: Anarchist | Prison | Speaker


~ by The Fierce & Fabulous Krew on September 11, 2012.

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