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This Sunday, A member of the Fierce n’ Fabulous krew will be talking at a discussion about why us queers, and others, need a social space in this city to meet up and organize out of. Come check out the talk, it will be followed by a discussion where people can share why they would be interested in a radical social space and find out how to support a project like this. Details below

What: Guelph Social Space Discussion

Where: Unitarian Congregation(corner of York Rd. & Harris St.)

When: Sunday, May 29th @ 7PM


For years downtown Guelph has needed a space where radicals, queers, anarchists, youth and marginalized communities could meet face to face, organize resistance, and celebrate our diversity and victories.

On Sunday May 29 we are planning a discussion on how we can bring to life a Guelph Social Space @ the Unitarian Congregation on the corner of York Road and Harris Street.
The event starts at 7:00 P.M with short speeches followed by an open discussion.

We envision a space that can be used for political and social events, workshops, meetings, and small concerts. A space that can be for diverse communities and individuals who want to be involved in social resistance. We want our space to be accessible and inviting to many people while maintaining a radical intention behind the projects that spring from it. Most of all we want a space where we can be open about our desires, meet, plan, plot, collude, conspire, inspire, kindle, organize, create, stimulate, provoke, celebrate and agitate out of.

We want your help bringing the social space to life.

Individuals can be constructive when we realize our potential to affect our reality. A social space provides individuals with a collective reference point to organize from. It extends the capacities of individuals, collectives and networks in resistance. The social space we desire for Guelph can foster relationships out of a common ground. It is these relationships that have the potential power within them to make tyrants the world over tremble and to make us capable of realizing the responsibility and joy of freedom.

So come out to the Guelph Social Space discussion at the Unitarian Congregation on the Corner of York Road and Harris Street, on Sunday May 29 at 7:00 P.M

Email us at


~ by The Fierce & Fabulous Krew on May 27, 2011.

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