Hey ya’ll!!!

A couple folks in The Fierce & Fabulous Krew are putting together a zine about maintaining healthy open/poly relationships in the midst of having fucked up conditions like non-associations with yer partner(s) and/or being locked up in prison. We feel like this is a very important subject matter that needs to be discussed more often taking into consideration the amount of state repression (in the form of charges and other legal shit) we as radicals/anarchists/whatever face in our communities on a regular basis.

We also want to have a main focus be on queer/trans folk facing fucked up bail/court conditions and how that specifically affects us and our abilities to be out with our partner(s) etc. We’re looking for contributions from people who have dealt with/are experiencing these things right now. If you feel like contributing to this zine please send an e-mail to

As a side note please forward this e-mail on to anyone you know who may be interested in contributing to the zine. If you have friends/family who are currently locked up please pass this information along to them in any way possible as well.

Thanks a bunch!!!

Justin Timberdick and J.Deep


The Fierce & Fabulous Krew

~fucking anarchy up the ass!~


~ by The Fierce & Fabulous Krew on July 18, 2010.

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