Posters for Dance Party & Brunch Fundraiser

Queer Masquerade Dance Party Fundraiser for the Fierce & Fabulous 3

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Fundraiser Brunch for Fierce & Fabulous 3 & Hanlon Creek 5

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At dawn on Monday July 26, the last coldwater creek of the Hanlon Creek watershed became a flashpoint of resistance. 60 people converged and occupied the site, right where a 4-lane culvert was supposed to be put across a tributary of the Hanlon Creek.  Autonomous from any organization, a broad coalition of Land Defenders attracted hundreds of supporters from all over Guelph, Southern Ontario, and other parts of this continent.  Lasting for 18 days, this action succeeded in stopping construction for 2009, and has created a huge legal and political battle that continues today.

Within four days of being on the land, the City of Guelph delivered an injunction to try and force people off the land, which would have the threat of police and imprisonment to back it up. Seven people’s names were on the injunction, including a claim for $5 million in damages.  With only a weekend to prepare, a legal battle soon began, with courtrooms packed full of supporters.  In the end, the occupation lasted for 18 days, eventually ending in injunctions forcing the City of Guelph to stop work and the Land Defenders to vacate the site.

Since then, the City of Guelph has maintained their lawsuit against the remaining five individuals (two of the original people were dropped).  In August the City reduced their claim to $150,000, to “recover costs associated with stolen equipment and damage to the property.”  Then on February 24 2010, the City changed it back to $5 million, “to ensure that the actual cost of damages incurred to date and potential future damages resulting from protestor activity can be recovered so the business park can move forward without further cost to taxpayers.”

This is a support site for these five individuals, collectively known as the Hanlon Creek 5. While there are five named individuals on this lawsuit, this is an issue that affects all of us.  At stake is a 675-acre parcel of land which is important to all of us for a long list of reasons.  When individuals get targeted in a SLAPP suit like this, it is intended to send a message to all of us – look what happens when you step out of line.  The choice the City would leave us with is to conform to actions that don’t stop business-as-usual, but of course that makes no difference to the ongoing destruction of our planet.  The success of our movements requires us to stand up for each other and support those who are targeted.


The Fierce & Fabulous 3 are three members of the Fierce & Fabulous Krew, Based out of Guelph, ON, Canada. They were attacked and arrested by University of Guelph campus pigs while outside of an annual drag show on the night of March 5th 2010. They were brutalized by the pigs during what we see as being very targeted arrests. All three are charged with Assault Police. One of the three is also facing a breach of probation and a drinking in public charge, the crown is proceeding summarily against this person and is seeking jail time. There will be updates on the Fierce & Fabulous 3 as court proceedings go on. Check out the “Updates on The Fierce And Fabulous 3” page on this website for more info.


~ by The Fierce & Fabulous Krew on March 30, 2010.

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