Queeriot Convergence!! June 10th-13th 2010

Hey folks!

FIERCE & FABULOUS Presents…. Queeriot!!! A 4 day convergence of orgasm inducing, radical queer insurgency!!!

The events are generally looking pretty bad ass.

We are organizing workshops, dance parties, a queercore show, teen open mic, poetry slam, art show,a folk show, sex toy auction, spandex wrestling and more!!We are still looking for performers a nd possibly more ideas for other events,and if you  want to distro e-mail us about booking a table. We are especially in need of bands to play at the queercore show!! So e-mail us at fierce.n.fabulous1969@gmail.com if you have any question or want to help in some way!!

Here is a tentative list of the workshops and facilitators:

History of Radical Queer Resistance – The Fierce and Fabulous Krew
Queer Resistance to Prisons

Blowjobs 101

Know Your Rights – Ryan White

Simple Bike Mechanics – Cecilia Sydor

Harness Making – Kelly Rose of Guelph Sense of Security

Making Collages with Porn – Sarah Mangle

Harm Reduction 101 – Guelph Sense of Security

Tai Chi – James Nowak

Systema 101 – The Fierce and Fabulous Collective

Queerness and Ableism – AJ Withers

Queering the Family: Alternative Family Structures, Challenging theGender Binary and Explaining to the Kids – Becky Ellis

A Reading/Discussion of “Militant Queer Insurrection” – Fierce & Fabulous Krew

Folk Show:
Griffin Epstein (Toronto)
Kit Magnolia (Montreal)
Ciddia Bee (Guelph)
Mogli (Halifax)
Fellow Worker (Guelph)

Queercore Show:

Heavy Filth (Toronto)
Glory Hole (Guelph)
Enfant Terrible (Ottawa)

Spoken Word/Slam Poetry/Hip-Hop:
Beth Anne Fisher (Guelph)

(More To Be Announced!)

Again let us know if you are interested in doing anything at Queeriot! We are open to ideas! Hope we hear from you!

In love and rage and stuff,

The Fierce & Fabulous Krew!


~ by The Fierce & Fabulous Krew on March 23, 2010.

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